...jalan sehala...


I still couldn't find where my heart is. I enjoy doing my work very well. I like to travel everywhere and meet new people around. They are very nice and very helpful. However, I only have another 3 months to find where I should place my heart. Either I should keep it as before or let it find new place to live and to breath. Still, I couldn't find it!

You talked about passion!Everything is about passion. If we lost the thing, we will find it back just because of our passion motivate us to do so. We never feel sad or dissapoint to do such thing. And we will never let ourselves to give up. Trying harder and harder until we meet the point. But, believe me! That so-called passion still not coming out and I still couldn't find where my heart is!

Sir, I can be determined where to find my heart. I know where it is but is it the proper place to let my heart live? I'm afraid if i misplaced my heart, it doesn't want me anymore and yes, until now I Couldn't find where my heart is!!!!

So sir, can you do me a favour??Please help me to locate my heart!!!