...some funny things about 'umi' a.k.a my mother...

this time i would like to share something special about umi.perhaps I want to celebrate the mother's day earlier..hehehe..here are some of the things which i considered it funny when umi did it..:)

1-she always called me 'bibik' when i enjoy my full vacation at home.guess why??ahaaa..

2-she has many collections of baju kurung and tudungs.it will cause me hardship when i need to iron her cloth for work.when i suggest this baju she will say "that one look old'(in fact it was bought last month)or "that colour is so striking,im ashamed to wear it to office" or "im boring wear it" or even "that baju is not match with the tudung,umi need to buy new tudung la".huhuhu..(that's why i iron her baju when she already sleep.so that, she will wear any baju i ironed without any comment)-am i smart??
3-she advised me not to sleep after eat nasi and i abide by that rule.but i noticed she always sleep after having nasi as breakfast or lunch..maybe she is tired..hehehe
4-sometimes she asked me to do A..however sooner or later she asked me to do B..and later on change it to A..make me confuse huh??now Ikhwan face the same problem
5-she loves to see catfish or ikan keli "jumping" in the pool and competing each other among the ikans and invite me to see that!!what a nice show!!!
6-when im driving and she is sitting beside me, she always observed the Km/j and subsequently scold me if i exceed the speed.but who will scold her if she do the same??obviously not me because im obedient daughter!!
7-she has her own choice(girl) for my second brother.and that girl now called umi as umi too!!(i hate that)When i teased my brother about her 'future wife' he said that i will not marry her because i dont like + love her!!hahaha..and obviously that girl is a TEACHER!!!

-enough for that..i love umi no matter what because she is my umi and forever my umi..my friends said that im look like my mother in many ways..ahax..like mother like daughter!!
note 1:arini rase nak tulis omputih sebab dah lame tak jumpe lelaki bangsa asing yang berkulit gelap dan berkepala botak licin serta pompuan yang pakai jubah hitam dan menyembur pewangi ala2 bau kemenyan..

note 2:ikhwan dah balik umah dan aku dengan hepi membuli die soh buang sampah..

note 3:hadis nabi saw yang bermaksud :jadilah kamu org yang terbunuh dan bukan orang yang membunuh!"