...talk when u have to...

Recently i went to 2 days workshop with the title "Speak Up With Confidence". It was such an amazing event and i really enjoyed every minutes i was there. We started our workshop with the ice breaking session. The speaker asked me how i ended up being there. My answer, "Of course it is my superior order. My boss asked me to come here. But I hope by attending this course I will gain more confident when talking to people and know how to express my views". Such a brilliant answer I guess. Put the boss into blame but later cover it by hoping to learn something at the end of the programme.

I thought I manage to hide, not to voice out anything in the class as there were so many talkative participants. Even, the speaker was also very impressed with them. However, there goes the disaster! We need to present individually about anything we want to share with the class while holding any exhibit with us. I was shaking when the speaker announces that great news. I was nervous to stand in front of others. But, hey you know what? The speaker told it is normal for you to feel nervousness while talking in front of the crowd. In contrast, those who feel nothing, he/she is something wrong! So, its ok to be nervous, but always know how to control and cope with that nervousness. And always remember this word when talking to people, "SO WHAT?".

So, what i got at the end of the programme? Instead of having such a heaven meals, 4 times per day, i can conclude that the event was very meaningful to me. Before this, I have the ideas to share with people but the confidence level I had is the barrier. Now, after attended the programme, I hope people will listen to me and see me as a who I am. And, the upmost dream i need to fulfill for the time being is how to persuade 'him' to look at all the 'things' I passed for a few months ago so that my purpose being taken in 'there' is succeeded.