...malam ini hujan turun...

Dear Me,

No matter how far you reach the sky, never forget to look down the earth. That's the starting point how u can touch it! No matter how many people praising at you and looking for you, remember that you are still nobody until and unless you know how to appreciate everybody around you!

Dear Me,

Never think life is unfair to you. Even others are luckier than you, you are still the luckiest in the world. You still can feel the heat of sun, the light of moon and the bright of stars. You are meant to cheer the world in your on ways. So, be brave to face the world and never lose hope with the Creator!

If one day you feel like to lose hope, remember that you can still breathing the air and your heart keep pumping the blood. The plants keep greening, the birds keep twittering and the foetus keep growing in mother's womb. Nothing will change you but you can change something! Be grateful of what you have today.

Yours sincerely,
-dear me myself-